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Relocation Touring Services

Offering guided assistance provides great value to a transferee who is trying to learn an area in just a few days. The agent can hone in on the type of neighborhoods that is important and concentrate only on those areas which meet the needs, taking an overwhelming task and breaking it down to a productive and enjoyable experience. This can be accomplished with any of the tours below.

Rental Tours - Rental tours can be booked as a half day or full day tour. All the research on the properties, neighborhood, schools and amenities is done ahead of time so the tour is as focused and productive as possible.

What Do Renters Want?

Area Candidate Tours – Area tours are extremely helpful when a candidate is moving to a large city or area with many options to live. It provides an opportunity to explore the city to review different neighborhood and focus on the interests of the transferee.

Settling-In Services – Settling-in services help the employee and their family become familiar with the area from obtaining a drivers license and car registration, to finding a place to bank. This is an essential service for someone coming from another country.

Fortune 500 Companies' Relocation Policy Success

Destination Services

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What our clients say...

“Thank you so much for showing me around all the apartments yesterday. It was extremely helpful. There's no way I could have found the right place to live without your help. Thank you for all of your time and hard work.”
Stephen G., IBM


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