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Rental Tours*

Rental tours are provided in half and full day increments. A half day tour is 3-4 hours and a minimum of 3-4 options are viewed. A full day tour is 6-8 hours and a minimum of 6 options are viewed, more if the distance between properties allows. Before the tour, much is done to prepare and set expectations. Information is provided on areas to ensure the neighborhoods meet the transferee’s needs with regard to lifestyle, schools, commute time and housing. Rental listings are provided to ensure that the types of housing available in the price range meet the needs. This preparation allows for the transferee to have a productive and focused tour viewing only areas and properties that are final contenders…and ultimately results in signing a lease 84% of the time.

*Broker’s fees may apply in New York City and bordering boroughs, New Jersey, Boston and some east coast cities.

What Do Renters Want?


The Face of the Rental Market Report

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What our clients say...

“Adam listened to my needs and showed me only those things that met my needs, saving us from unnecessary tours. He also set the right expectations. Also, Adam found a great rental furniture store, and I was able to rent my furniture for the May 1 delivery date…Adam was really helpful.”
Javier D., IBM


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