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Area Tours for Relocation Candidates & New Hires

An area tour is provided for many reasons. It introduces someone to an area, and is focused on what is important to the candidate or transferee. That could be learning the areas with the top rated schools, determining if it’s more affordable to rent or purchase, understanding if the city offers the desired lifestyle or just trying to understand where to focus looking for a home – especially important for large markets or areas where a transferee covers a large territory and has many options on where to live. All area tours will include viewing transportation and/or traffic patterns as well as a few housing options helping the customer understand housing availability and costs associated.

For group moves, contact us about presentations at your office site to help your employees have the information they need to make relocation decisions. Bus trips can also be organized to show off the city, nearby neighborhoods and more.

As an RMC, are you supporting all tiers of your clients' needs?

Transferees Prefer to Avoid Temporary Housing

Destination Services

What our clients say...

“Janet and Laura were phenomenal - their feedback and responses were timely and solid; the research that they provided on the properties and locations was complete and thorough - overall, Janet was an amazing support during a difficult time; she reviewed everything with me and made sure that this process was as easy as possible while I was dealing with many changes due to Company relocation. She listened.”
Alison C., General Mills


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